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Serving Concord and Pacheco Residents for more than half a century.

Cemetery Services at Memory Gardens:

Memory Gardens Cemetery encompasses 23 acres of softly rolling California hills with 9 gardens for traditional burials. The Garden of Redwoods Double Lawncrypt is an economical alternative to other burial plots. There are limited spaces in our public mausoleums for those who prefer above ground entombment and information about Private Estates is available upon request.

View of the park at Memory Gardens Cemetery.

Well maintained Niches, a Cremation Lawn, an Ossuary Communal Vault, and other cremation memorial options are available to accommodate your every need. Additional options for above ground urn placement include Boulders, Benches, Pedestals and Cored Monuments.

Our family counselors are available to help ease the burden of planning your loved one's cemetery arrangements. Deciding whether to have a traditional burial or cremation, then choosing the details required are just the basics of planning your service.

The memorial marker is what your family and friends will see for many years to come. Let us help you design a memorial marker that best portrays your loved one's life. A bronze or granite memorial marker will stand the test of time and serve as a location for friends and family to visit, pay their respects, and celebrate the memory of their loved one.

Come by our office or call us today at (925) 685-3464 to see how we can help you make the best tribute possible.