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Floral Regulations at Memory Gardens Cemetery:

The following Floral Regulations have been instituted to help protect the park and ensure the safety of all our visitors. Please follow all Floral Regulations and enjoy your visit to Memory Gardens Cemetery.

1. All floral arrangements, decorations and potted plants must be kept within a Cemetery approved vase unit. Permanent and temporary vases are available in the office. Ask your family counselor about obtaining approved vases for your loved ones.

2. No more than 2 vases, permanent or temporary will be allowed per grave.

3. No boxes, shells, toys, glassware, sprinkling cans, receptacles, candles, figurines, statues or similar items (Other than vases meeting the Cemetery's specifications which have been placed with the Cemetery's permission) will be permitted to be placed on any interment space or elsewhere within the Cemetery, and if placed, the Cemetery may remove any such items.

4. The Cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to any personal property, including artifacts, personal effects, etc., placed on or near interment spaces or elsewhere in the Cemetery.

5. No digging or planting of any kind is permitted.

6. No rock, sand, glass beads or garden fencing is permitted. This is due to the hazzards and safety issues concerning the public, employees and equipment. Repairs to the space due to non-compliance will be at the expense of the family.

7. All floral decorations, whether natural or artificial, shall be subject to the cemetery's written policies. Cemetery personnel may remove all floral designs (natural or artificial, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs or plants of any kind from the cemetery as soon as, in the judgement of cemetery management, they become unsightly or diseased, or if they do not conform to cemetery policies.

8. Floral stands, wreaths, baskets and other floral tributes, which are part of the floral offering at the time of interment, will be left for three days. All flowers will be removed when wilted.

9. During the summer season, the cemetery will empty vase units of water weekly, on Tuesdays, to adhere with the California regulations concerning mosquito abatement due to the threat of the West Nile and Zika Viruses.

10. The planting of trees, shrubs, flowers or other emblems, will be at the discretion of the Cemetery.

11. The Cemetery will remove any floral arrangement not in a Cemetery approved vase unit. The exception to this regulation is during the Cemetery's approved holiday schedule which includes Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday arrangements can be placed on the gravesite one week prior to the holiday and will not be removed until one week after the holiday. This will allow the family time to personally remove the arrangements.

12. At no time are tributes larger than one foot high allowed, other than floral items.

13. All pets must be on a leash at all times while in the Cemetery. (Please clean up after your pets)

14. There will be 2 bi-annual park clean-ups on the second Tuesday of January and the second Tuesday of June. At these times all arrangements and personal items will be removed.

A complete listing of the Cemetery Rules and Regulations are available upon request in the Cemetery office. Ask your family counselor for a written copy of the floral regulations and cemetery approved vases for your gravesites.

Come by our office or call us today at (925) 685-3464 to see how we can help you make the best tribute possible.